Friday, August 24, 2012

SpoofTel Calling Cards

SpoofTel now has calling cards. These are great for when you're travelling and can't login to your account from a computer. They also make a great gift.

Caller ID Spoofing Site Features Better Than Ever Privacy Protection Features

The newly upgraded and newly released has better than ever privacy protection features.  Discover the new and unique ways that you can make all of your telephone calls completely safe and private.


SpoofTel, The World’s Leader in Caller ID Spoofing has released its newly updated website.   The new user interface is crisp, clean, and a joy to look at.  It’s a breeze to navigate, even for the newest users.  Not to mention, the company has developed new calling features that help to protect your identity while making and receiving phone calls better than ever.

The website still features its original services such as caller ID spoofing, voice changing, call recording, SMS spoofing, and personal Spoof Numbers.   Spoof Faxing is a newly added feature along with custom and pre-recorded soundboards, voice mail for your personal and toll free Spoof Numbers, and conference calling.  In addition to all of this, SpoofTel has maintained its same low prices for all of its features.  You can’t find a better deal for these types of services anywhere.  There’s a reason that SpoofTel is the longest running caller ID spoofing site.

If you’ve never tried the service before or you’re new to SpoofTel, you can try it out for free.   Users are allowed three free calls to test out the service.   Caller ID spoofing is an excellent way to help protect your identity when making phone calls.  The personal local and toll free numbers make receiving calls from anywhere easy and affordable.  You can get a Spoof Number forwarded to any number you like.

You can even make money by using the SpoofTel referral program.  Check out the new site at for more information.