Thursday, January 28, 2010

9 Days left of Tweet for Minutes

There are only 9 (maybe 8 now) days left of SpoofTel's Tweet for minutes. If you tweet something about SpoofTel you get 10 free minutes worth of caller ID spoofing.

visit for more info on how to participate. It's EASY!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Probably the best Caller ID Spoofing provider

SpoofTel has been around since 2004 and is now the longest running caller ID spoofing provider still in existence. One important point to make about them is that they haven't changed their rates since they began and continue to be and incredibly inexpensive provider. They are half the price of some competitors.

They continue to add new features and work on new services for their customers. You're able to spoof your number, change your voice, record your call, spoof text messages, and schedule calls. They also offer a Facebook application and desktop applications.

SpoofTel also offers really great customer service, will answer any question, and help you with any problem. Now, they've introduced live help. You can talk to a customer service rep live and they'll help you with any problem you have.

These guys will always be my favorite.

So Many say that Caller ID Spoofing is Bad

I have read so many articles, message boards, comments etc. talking about how bad caller ID spoofing is. People say how it's only used for scamming, fraud and so forth. They wonder "are there any benefits to caller ID spoofing?"

There are plenty of benefits I can list here and I'm sure some of you can also think of some. Mainly, people don't want to either block or reveal their real number, for whatever reason that may be.

How exactly is caller ID spoofing used for scamming. People can call you and pretend to be from the bank or other institution? Would you even recognize the number to begin with? And even if they are, offer to call them back so YOU KNOW who you're talking to.

You should never give out information over the phone regardless of what the caller ID says.

There are many large companies, services etc. that could be exploited or used for scamming. Think about some of the large auction sites or classifieds. People are scammed in various ways and I do not think that caller ID spoofing deserves the bad press that it has received.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

SpoofTel's Tweet for Minutes -- 10 free minutes

SpoofTel's Tweet for Minutes is still ongoing. If you tweet someting about SpoofTel they will give you 10 free minutes. Sign up an account with SpoofTel and with Twitter, if you don't already have one.

Then go to Twitter and tweet anything about SpoofTel. There are already made Tweets available on the website so you can just click one of those.

You enter in your Twitter name and your SpoofTel name and your account has 10 free minutes!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Use for Caller ID Spoofing?

I thought that I would create this post because I heard this mentioned earlier. Although, I might not absolutely agree with it, I thought it was quite amusing.
It was suggested that, if you are having an affair or ever have one in the future, you use caller ID spoofing to call your "lover." The reason being, if you were to ever break up or they became angry with you, they will never have proof of you contacting them by phone!

It's a little on the immoral side but nonetheless it is amusing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

News article about caller ID spoofing

This is an interesting old article about caller ID spoofing.

Caller ID Spoofing Informational Links Informative Guide to Caller ID Spoofing Information on Recording Telephone Calls Caller ID Spoofing Users Guide Short Guide to Caller ID Spoofing

"Tweet for Minutes"

This was a post on

International caller ID spoofing company, SpoofTel has released its new “Tweet for Minutes” application available for free at

To celebrate, SpoofTel is giving away 10 free minutes to anyone who Tweets about SpoofTel. You can find pre made Tweets on the SpoofTel website in 2004, SpoofTel has been providing caller ID spoofing for over half a decade and is now the longest running spoofing provider on the web.

Caller ID spoofing allows you to change what someone sees on their call display when you call them.Instead of displaying your real number or blocking your number, you can choose any number that you want to display.

This service has become popular with everyone from celebrities, private investigators and bounty hunters, to individuals who just want to protect their privacy. “There are many reasons for wanting to keep your phone number private,” states Fredrick Muller, spokesman for SpoofTel. “If you are a celebrity, or someone who wants to maintain anonymity, spoofing allows you to conceal your real phone number without having to block it completely.”This new application was created for existing SpoofTel members as a way to earn 10 free minutes for just tweeting their friends, and as an easy way for nonmembers to join their friends.Over the years, SpoofTel has added options such as voice changing, call recording, and now “Tweet for Minutes.”

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Try Caller ID Spoofing for Free

If you're new to caller ID spoofing, you can try it for free at

Caller ID Spoofing

Caller ID spoofing is the act of changing what is displayed on the call display of a person you are calling. Instead of blocking your number or displaying your real phone number, you can have any number you wish show up.

Caller ID spoofing has a various uses and is used by a variety of different people. For instance, celebrities can use it to hide their phone number when they call someone, law enforcement can use it to catch suspects and criminals, and regular individuals can use it to protect their privacy or to simply have fun with friends and family by calling them from strange and funny numbers.

To try caller ID spoofing visit