Friday, May 21, 2010

Call Display Spoofing Memorial Day Special from SpoofTel

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For every holiday or special occasion, SpoofTel, the World’s Leader in Caller ID Spoofing, likes to celebrate with special offers for its customers. Memorial Day is a very special and very significant day so SpoofTel decided to begin their latest offer a little bit earlier than usual.

From now until Memorial Day you can enjoy 10 free Spoof Minutes from SpoofTel by entering the code “MEMDAY” when you sign up a new account. Sign up is completely free so you receive 0 free minutes just to try out call display spoofing at no cost to you.

If you’ve never tried out call display spoofing before now is your chance to try it absolutely free. Not only does SpoofTel offer premium call display spoofing, it offers additional features such as call recording, SMS spoofing, and voice changing. You can even change your voice real-time during your spoofed call.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Call Display Spoofing helps to Catch Cheating Partners

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Many of us have constant suspicions that our partners are not being faithful. Often the signs are there and the evidence is overwhelming. Unfortunately, however, we're never quite able to catch them in the act. Caller ID Spoofing offers a very easy way to help catch your cheating or unfaithful spouse, one that your partner probably would never expect.

Caller ID Spoofing, for those who don't know, is the act of changing the number that is displayed on a person's caller ID instead of blocking your telephone number or revealing your real one, you choose any number you want to be displayed. Millions of people have begun to use caller ID spoofing since it became publically available several years ago.

Several publically available caller ID spoofing providers include SpoofTel, Fakemynumber, and Spoofem. One caller ID spoofing provider, SpoofTel , has been providing the service since 2004 and is now the longest running caller ID spoofing provider on the net. In addition to caller ID spoofing, several providers, including and, offer additional services such as call recording as well as the option to change or disguise your voice during the call. Included in caller ID spoofing's users are everyone from Hollywood celebrities and VIPs, bounty hunters and other law enforcement professionals, and even regular individuals.

Law enforcement use caller ID spoofing to help track and catch suspects and criminals, professionals use it when calling clients from their home or cell phone and disguise their number to appear as that of their office. Celebrities and VIPs use it to protect their phone numbers even when calling people they know well. Celebrities can't take the chance that a stranger may obtain their personal phone number. By disguising their phone number during each call, it prevents someone from getting their number in the case that a telephone is lost with their phone number on it. As well, regular individuals use caller ID spoofing in a variety of circumstances to help protect their phone number and ultimately their identity. Privacy is a large concern for most of us and often we find the need to place our phone calls anonymously.

Caller ID Spoofing is an excellent alternative to blocking your phone number.One favorable use that caller ID Spoofing has is the ability to help us catch unfaithful spouses and partners. For the most part, our partners know our schedule, what time we'll be at home or a particular place. Likewise, our partners can typically tell when we are calling from our work or our cell phones simply by replying on the caller ID information. This makes it a bit difficult when trying to for instance, catch them in the act.Caller ID spoofing can help you catch your unfaithful partner off guard.

One simple trick would be to tell your partner you'll be working late and you'll give them a call later. You then call from your cell phone and have your work number display. Explain that you will be at work for several more hours all the while you're really on your way home or wherever it is you plan to find your partner. They will never be able to tell where you’re really calling from. And, when the moment is right, walk in the door and catch them in the act.